The Bliss of doing nothing 💫✨🥰

One thing we can all agree on: life is very busy

The day starts and ends in a blink

Everything is planned

Everything is rushed

Everything is routine

There is no time to think

Just go with the flow kinda situation

We live and breathe on weekends

Weekdays are consuming

Very consuming

Makes me think why can we not treat each day as equal?

Why can we not prioritize our mind and body like we prioritize work?

Why can’t we sit with ourselves and have a few minutes in silence?

Few moments where we do nothing, where we don’t pick up our phones

Where we just focus on our breath, focus on the tired muscles in our body

Focus on relaxing in this moment

We need such moments every single day, because life is happening every single day

Our mind and body need a break every day not just on weekends

Let’s take a moment (moments!) starting today 🌼

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