December is here ❄️

The month of mixed feelings

One step in this year the other step almost in the new year

The year just went by in a flash..once again

This year particularly has been a bit different for me because I have been conscious of my time

I have been making small progress each day and it feels good to reach this time of the year after many years

It is like a different time for me all together

I am a different person, an improved version from my older self last year

I feel determined, I feel good to work on my goals

I feel close to getting somewhere

I feel close to myself, my dreams and my path in life

There is so much to do, so much to work on

But at least I have started, I am here and with my consistent efforts I can reach where I want to be

What is your December like?

Do you feel different; growing or changing as a person?

Are you thinking about your time, about your life?

Maybe it’s time to start this December ☺️

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