We are not meant to be the same 🙏💫

For the longest time I have struggled with ‘what should be’

As kids we are always told about how we have to go to school, get good grades, get a good job to be successful

While that may be true

It might not be everyone’s truth

The idea about anything is that we should ‘grow’ as a person, evolve as human beings, be better, be closer to our true selves

Running behind ‘what should be’ does not always bring us to our true self

In fact it might do the opposite, take you away from who you are

I can say this because it has been true for me

While going to school, getting a job is some success or progress in life,

The ultimate success for me has been finding my calling,

Finding that it is okay to change career paths,

that there are no rules in the real world,

I can learn and skill up whatever I want to;

This has been the most liberating realizations for me

What do you think, can you relate- we are not meant to be the same !?

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