Why i feel strongly about training our mind 🌻

There are struggles no one knows about

There is trauma in the back of our mind which we dont realize more than often

Some beliefs in the subconscious mind holding us from being free

It takes practice,

Conscious thinking,

Constant awareness,

To actually first accept to our own self why we are having that anxiety

But this is very draining mentally

It doesnt happen in one day or few days

Sometimes it can take a long time to come to that acceptance phase firstly

Because everything around us can be so quick and overwhelming

It can really not let us reach that quiet moment in our mind

That calm feeling, where the thoughts are settled and we are able to think clearly

It requires work, over and over again

We have to keep training our mind;

to get better, feel better and act better

Nothing is hard if we start at some point,

As long as we start.

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