Gratitude πŸ’œ

Gratitude is the first stepping stone to eaching your dreams,

Or rather say to lifting yourself higher to that life you imagine,

When I am grateful for today,

Grateful for where I am right now,

Grateful for the things I am blessed with,

I tend to get more of what I want,

I tend to see the abundance of goodness in my life,

New possibilities just pop up from no where

It’s like the universe listening to my silent efforts,

Makes my heart full of love, gratitude and joy

I know it’s hard,

I know it’s unfair

But trust me nothing is ever fair

We just get older thinking it will get fair,

Wishing for it,

It doesn’t,

We have to start with gratitude, we have to change our life on our own

Magic happens when we take things from a good spot, from a grateful spot,

Always be at that spot,

Rather than on an ungrateful and unhappy one.

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