The Universe is your Guiding Light ✨

The concept I keep coming back to: nothing is a mistake, everything has a reason

The reason is there and you do not know all your WHYs today

That’s why it hurts, that’s why you keep going in circles

Maybe you should try to ‘approach’ it differently?

Maybe you should ‘unlearn’ what you were ‘told’

And try to ‘change’ your life for the better,

Using what you have currently

Because like it or not, you are here now

Trust the universe for once

It brought you here like a miracle being- perfect in everyway

So maybe It knows what’s going on?

Maybe all You need to do is:

– Learn to trust

– Accept what you cannot change

– Use what you can change

And move in the direction possible for you- today

Take the first step,

It’s scary

But that’s the promise of the universe:

You take the first step, it will guide you as You move,

It will open ways for you which you never imagined

So trust and change.

The promise of the universe is real✨

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