December is here ❄️

The month of mixed feelings One step in this year the other step almost in the new year The year just went by in a flash..once again This year particularly has been a bit different for me because I have been conscious of my time I have been making small progress each day and it … Continue reading December is here ❄️

The victim mind 🧐

Too often we stay in the victim mind unconsciously Too often we are focusing on what went wrong Too often we dwell too much on what didn’t happen While the things that didn’t happen so far for whatever reasons is true There is another truth: you can still achieve what you have been waiting for, … Continue reading The victim mind 🧐

Practice makes nature ✨

We like the easy way, We like to carry on as it is, no changes, We like everything in our comfort zone, But we don’t grow with such days, We grow when we push ourselves, to improve, to think again, to make an effort for something, to make a conscious effort for something, only once … Continue reading Practice makes nature ✨


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