Not getting what you want because of what you need!

Lately alot has been going on and even though I will be the most self motivated person in the room, there are days I don’t feel the best..

Everything seems a struggle and I think why is this happening when I know all the facts and reasons?

Sometimes the answer is taking a break and not planning and rushing to results..

It is realizing that everything will not always be as you plan it and maybe that’s the lesson you gotta learn, to embrace the unknown, to accept that things will not always turn out how you planned in your head

Maybe you are not getting what you want because you are getting what you need, and that is acceptance, patience and having gratitude for whatever is rather than thinking of what isn’t.


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A curious mind in search of knowledge, inner power to give back to the world I live in and most importantly spread good vibes only as everyone is struggling with something we don't know about. Few kind words, a small kind act can change a person's day, mind more than we can understand.

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