Life is happening right now

Too often I get caught up in the notion of ‘right time’. Lets wait for this report to finish so I can focus on that. Lets wait to get all the information first before jumping into xyz or lets wait for the weekend to call that person..

In all of these mental notes I am just ‘waiting’ for the right time, for the right moment to work on something outside the usual routine. I am just waiting, telling myself I will do this when I reach the free time or the perfect time; when actually it never really happens!

I wouldnt call that friend for months or try to learn more about something because I never get that free time or work on something new because I am so caught up in the routine immensely.

I realize now more than ever that nothing is waiting for me, life is happening right now; I have to start today to do what I have been planning for months, I have to begin today with whatever I have and pick up whatever I need on the journey because that’s the only way to begin; there is no right time, the only time is NOW.


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