We dont know how close we are

What is your guiding thought?

Most days are guided by work, chores, routine etc

Sometimes we really think we want to work on something, try something

But the time is never enough

The rules are too many, too less;

Overwhelming to follow

So much to follow, that we just drop the idea because no one knows exactly what I am thinking about

I dont know myself too, so how will I explain?

This is the tricky part;

We just have to be sure of one thought: I can do this xyz thing, I want to, I can

The mind should be clear, because the road ahead is unfamiliar,

Very easy to get lost in the way

But as long as we know our sure thought, mission; things will fall in place

It doesn’t make sense right now,

Probably wont make sense for a while,

And this just tests how determined we are to do what we set our mind to do,

So keep winning the day, keep doing one thing to bring you closer everyday

And that is all that is important to win; showing up for yourself in the tiniest way everyday.

I can, you can 😊

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