Glamour and Glitter

Success is not the shining light it looks like

Success is created day by day,

Effort by effort,




With a specific goal in mind,

Using a proper process,

Which brings you closer everyday to your mission,

Which helps you reach that milestone,

Which you targeted in your mind when you started your journey,

Success is not the glamour and glitter it seems like

Success is working in the dark,

Working when you dont feel like it

Pushing yourself when you dont know if this step will bring you closer or take you far from your purpose

But just knowing and believing;

That even if in this moment,

Where I cannot see the full picture,

Where it feels completely dark around me,

I know my mission and no matter what,

I will keep pushing every single day,

I will keep working every single day,

That is what brings you success

Or rather say makes you a success!

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