New year new me Yay!

Another year went by,

Alot happened like every year

But it was different for me this year in a way,

In a good sense..

That’s how I like to think of it

It actually felt like I made progress

Because I did

I got up and went to work

I took actual action

I took responsibility for me

And did what I could, with what I had

I definitely did not reach the goals I was imagining to reach since the early time of the year

But having those goals in mind and then actually figuring out the steps,

Has been a ride

A good ride

For a change I did not spend most of my time waiting, wishing

I became conscious of my thoughts,

I paid attention to what I was spending my time on,

I spent more time working on me,

Rather than just mindless consuming

So the idea of new year new me just looks fancy for a few days and then we are back to the same pattern of life!

If you do one thing in this new year;

Stop waiting;

Stop thinking something will magically happen and make your wishes come true,


Start taking action on things you want in life;

Start taking responsibility for YOU,

Even if it’s a tiny change today, it matters,

It adds up,

Never underestimate the power that comes when you shift your mind,

When you say I Can, I Will,

Something shifts,

Something changes,

You see things differently,

You become unstoppable,

Be unstoppable,

Rise and Shine, starting this New Year!

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