Success recipes ( 1 of X)

Think of your mind like a pencil

A pencil needs to be sharpened from time to time

To be the best version it can be

Same is applicable to us

The more we sharpen our mind the better we get

Ways to sharpen your mind:

1. Develop the habit of asking yourself important questions everyday – do you feel fulfilled, do you feel in place?

2. Listen to your answers- sometimes we say something but don’t mean it.

Ask yourself why?

Many a times the answer is ‘ because this is how it’s supposed to be’


‘because everyone does this’

Lesson: you don’t have to be like everyone and do what everyone is doing

Closing thoughts:

You can take charge of your life and live a fulfilling rather than monotonous life.

But the difficult part is getting started;

The difficult part is asking yourself questions, and actually feeling and thinking on the answers you tell yourself,

It takes practice and conscious thinking,

Conscious acceptance of our feelings and thoughts,

Conscious sharpening of the mind,

That leads us to start changing anything

Start asking yourself important questions today,

This is an easy recipe for your success!

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