Success recipes (2 of X)

Everything you WANT can be EXACTLY as you want it to be,

But there is a catch

You don’t NEED more and more and more

All you need is:

  • Hard work;

sincere efforts (when no one is watching you; 

when you are free- are you working or watching netflix kind of sincere)

  • Belief in yourself;

Believe in the fact that you are worthy,

 you are capable, you are enough as you are today

  • Trust in the universe

Complete trust that the universe loves you, 

wants the best for you

and will never let you miss anything that is meant for you


It is easy to say and hard to do every day when we are overwhelmed with information, people and events.

But it is true,

It is something I experienced in my own journey, 

something that really helped clear the doubts and fears in my mind,

Something I found on my own.

I hope it can bring some clarity to you as well.

Stay strong, YOU are enough.

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