Some daily reflections to consider

There is a deep feeling of wanting my life a certain way

A deep urge to have things drastically different

A window view of my ‘one day I will have this kind of a life thoughts’

There is so much I want to do 

So much I want to experience

But the window for risk is very less

Due to life commitments which we all have

Commitments or constants which bring you back to reality

Make you lower your view from the beautiful window thought and focus on the ground you are

This is normal, going back to work

Going back to routine chores

Eat, sleep, repeat kind of normal

But in moments where you think about your ‘one day’ life

Can you think of how far fetched it is?

Can you think it is almost a life time away?

Because when we think about it, it really is that far

Where it seems impossible to reach- just by thinking and wishing about it

Maybe there is a way TODAY to get where we want?

Maybe if we start believing and working on ourself today, something can change ?

Think about one thing you could change for yourself today, 

One thing you could learn or start to learn

To bring you closer to your dream life

What could it be?

Could you start it today?

Because all we need for that magical life is to START TODAY.

One action today is better than no action ever.

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