The Ship has Sailed for Me

I look back at the times that didn’t change

The pain that didnt go away

The pieces no one fixed

The things I expected to get

The places I thought would heal

Nothing of that sort happened

Time passed

And kept passing

The perfect moments never came

The happy times remained like a cloud


I only saw the bigger picture slowly

The view I didn’t have when I was praying for it to fall in place,

I realized I have ME

And all of me

To move things

To get where I want

To fly and leave behind the worries

I started to believe in myself and put in the effort

To truly LIVE where I am right now

To feel bliss regardless of what didn’t change

The willpower is getting stronger,

I can be happy and that is my choice; is the lesson I learnt on this journey

I CHOOSE to live feeling determined, even if the ship has sailed for me.

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