90 days of Writing

This might be a long post, settle in.

Today marks 90 days for me-  of writing everyday.

Feels good.

Feels like I am only getting started.

Talking about why we only need the right mindset to live our best life – is something very close to me.

I have spent the past 8++ years working in finance. My journey of understanding about the importance of mindset began a few years back.

 I had always dreamed of a perfect job in a perfect place but it never happened. It took a long time to let it go, to learn and come to terms with the fact that a job will not define my happiness, my feeling of joy and content.

 I feel the job is a big part of our life or rather say we make it a big part of us.

While there is nothing wrong with that, we often forget our own selves in the process.

We forget we are a living being who needs to feel alive and absolutely excited and determined, every single day.

You may think why, that’s not practical or because life is busy, work is busy.

I say this is precisely WHY, Life is happening every day, the sun rises and sets everyday, so Why not today?

Work will only get heavier and harder and that’s just how corporate life rolls, it can overwhelm us, make us feel like we’re on a constant run.

We need to feel ‘enough’ , we need to feel ‘joy’, we need to feel ‘present’

Time is passing with each day,

We are getting older each day,

If we keep putting ‘off’ living because work is busy, we might not be ‘living’ all our life.

Because most of us have the concept in mind about working all our lives and then retire one day and THEN ENJOY LIFE.

So will we truly live only when we are old and have no energy to move around?

I just feel this is too far fetched, 

I feel nothing is promised,

Yes it is good to plan, good to save money, good to have a plan, good to work

But in all of this we cannot NOT live, or Delay living TODAY because we are too busy planning for tomorrow and for the future we have not seen.

I will share my top beliefs with you to put things in perspective:

  1. Life is a gift, we are blessed to be alive. 
  2. Life is happening right now, it is not waiting for your perfect moment
  3. Nothing will ever be perfect, you might not get the right opportunity you were waiting for, that’s okay. You cannot spend all your time dwelling on what didn’t happen, instead focus on what you CAN do today.
  4. We all have commitments we cannot just drop, this is fine. But do not let this make you feel burdened. You have a gift, you have a purpose, find it.

Some of my learnings from writing everyday for the past 90 days:

  1. I love to talk about the Right Mindset.
  2. The right mindset is all we need for our best life
  3. Our best life is something we create, it is not something we will reach at a certain point in time
  4. The only person I can truly control to change my life is Me. Let go of things and people you cannot control
  5. You have to only truly WANT what you want. Everything else around you will align to bring you what you NEED, to get where you want to.
  6. Time is the only currency that matters, it is not waiting for you, not giving you extra time to get in the right mind frame, you have to realize this on your own
  7. You will never be an expert, you have to take the leap regardless
  8. Life is too short to go to bed every night, not feeling fulfilled. 

My question to you:

Are you a corporate professional, constantly overwhelmed with the long hours?

Do you want to lead a more fulfilling life but don’t know how?

Reach out to me here and maybe we can see through this together!

Success! You're on the list.

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