Don’t fool yourself- your time is limited

It hurts to think

We remain in denial for the longest time

But the reality does not change: our time is limited

My time, your time; is limited

We can fight it

We can ignore it

We can think we will magically get some extra time

We can think that things will fall in place on their own somehow;

It will get better by just wishing for it

But the truth:

The time we get is limited

No matter what- the time is passing

Each day passed without trying hard for your best life, is another day gone

Another missed chance

Clock is ticking, all the time!

So think again

What do you want?

What is it that you truly wish for?

What can you change today to get where you want?

Think, think and think

The more you think

The more you know, the voice in your head is right- your time is limited!

Act NOW.

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