Trying to catch Time is like chasing the Sun

I sit in beautiful sunlight

Taking a moment to myself

Enjoying the light and taking it in

I sit there long enough and the gaze is different, lighter

I move a little to the left to get more light


The sun is going away

It’s time for the day to end

I get up and stand in the area where the light is still shining

Trying to catch the sun..

This is what I do with my time too I feel

I keep trying to catch it

But I never really do catch it

I end up never having enough time

Makes me think maybe I need to respect my time?

Like I respect the sun

I know the time for the perfect sunlight on my window and wait long for it

So maybe for my time too I need to respect it,

Because the time I get in the day is fixed- not more,

as per my feelings and wants,

I never seem to get enough of time when I start my day late

When I become lazy thinking I’ll do it at a later time in the day

It never happens

I never get enough time

So maybe I just need to start my day early

Respect time

Plan my day according to the time I have

Because time is not waiting for me, just like the sun.

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