”Little by little, little becomes a lot”

This is the key to success

This is the key to progress

More than often we are caught up in thousand thoughts

Eventually no ACTION is taken because there is just so much to do right?

But if we only focus on little by little

Do one thing right everyday

Take one ACTION everyday

Each action compounds to a bigger change which we cannot see right now

The trick is to quiet your restless inner voice

The trick is to zoom out and know that winning the day is important

To win the day- one thing right/one course of action in the right direction is enough

You can build on this, but important is The Action. The Movement.

Don’t get caught up in the overwhelm.

One thing right is enough today- slow and steady wins (not the race, because it is not a race. It is a way of life!!)

Success! You're on the list.

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