Difficult can be broken down

Difficult can be broken down to Do-able

Why is it difficult?

A. I don’t know much about this topic

B. I have some limiting beliefs making me think I cannot

C. I think I am not good enough to pass this difficult thing I am thinking about

D. Some other reasons


1. We can always self learn about a topic (internet is free and full of learning options)

2. Question the limiting beliefs, what’s the root cause of this belief. Can you change how you look at it? There is always a way if you change how you look at things

3. Don’t put yourself in a box, there is a first time for everything in life. This is your first time, let your curiosity be bigger than your fear

4. All the reasons can be linked back to something. Find the something. Really think why it is a reason or is it just your assumption?

Everything is do-able if we break it down

Break it down.

Start small, you just gotta start.

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