Action past the Constants

The constants are the unavoidable things in your day

Your work

Your commitments

Your responsibilities

Your chores, duties etc

These constants will always be there every day

What makes a difference is the ‘free’ time we get after the day’s constants

Trust me it’s a very very tiny slot

What you do in this time makes ALL the difference

We can always chill, lay back and watch Netflix

We can indulge heavily in food and be in the mood to ‘switch off’ because you made it past the day today

But is this really happy living for you?

Do you want commitments to move your day and leave little time if any, for the person YOU?

Think again

Because this life is short

Accept what you cannot change

Work for yourself in the daily free time you get

This is the simplest, smallest but really effective way to find yourself, to evolve;

To think and to actively make a change in your life,

for Yourself.

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