Life has to Lived not Spent

Life is going on

So is the constant run for better,

For more,

There is the run to feel ‘safe’

Money wise safe is the biggest driver of our actions

We want to save more and more

Because we want more? We think more money in the bank will make us feel better

But the ‘better’ feeling doesn’t come ?

Because the ‘need’ to save more grows with the lifestyle and the perks of everything we are used to;

Ultimately it is only doing things to maintain what we have,

And to feel safe about money

But what about living ?

Amidst all this cycle going on, when will we live?

When will we feel free and absolutely full of joy and gratitude?

Because life is meant to be lived

All this money cannot buy us more time to live

Think about it- are you living or spending your life 🙏

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