It’s Time to Live

You wake up to a beautiful day

The stunning sun

The noise on the street

You are filled with determination





About so many things you want to try

You want do;

For yourself

You are excited about your thoughts

About the life you are thinking of

And then reality hits

You remember the tasks for the day

The responsibilities you have

The bills that have to be paid


You take a deep breath and brush off your happy thoughts

Thinking one day maybe things will be better and you can try what you were thinking about

My lesson:

1. Responsibilities are here to stay.

Stop imagining your life without them

2. We get what we work for, if m cooking a meal I will get the cooked meal in the end,

Same way if I work on what I want, I will get some results if not 100% results

Stop thinking your responsibilities will magically vanish and you will be in a different world where you will do what you want all day.

It doesn’t happen,

Like it or not we got this life, this chance ONLY

Stop waiting,

Start doing. Start living.

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