Living up to your commitment

Even after having your life figured out, you can feel lost and uncertain on some days,

Remember- every day is a new day

Every day we start from zero

Because the tendency is to go back to what feels ‘comfortable’

So the idea is to win the day

To take one day at a time and not be too overwhelmed,

We can solve tomorrow, tomorrow

Today I just need to win the day and do what is essential for this day:

How I try to think on days that feel hard:

– become self aware of your thoughts, because your day begins with the thoughts you wake up with

– even if the thoughts are not too bright, it’s okay. Just be aware of them and not get consumed by them

– do what is critical for the day in terms of your personal growth goals ( maybe it’s working out or putting down those strategic steps for your xyz personal work etc)

– even if you don’t feel like doing anything, do it anyway; look at it like a task that needs to be done for your betterment just like brushing your teeth everyday even if you don’t feel like sometimes

Lastly, be kind and patient with yourself

All our lives we have lived doing things we are ‘supposed’ to do, never doing something for ourselves.

That shift will take time..

So take it easy, use patience and discipline to improve your approach;

Learn to live up to your commitments, even on hard days.

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