Un- attended stuff

When was the last time you sat with yourself in some quiet?

When was the last time you deeply focused on something for a few minutes?

It’s so hard to keep the phone down

So hard to stop the constant scrolling

We are going far away from our inner self in a way..

We don’t know why we respond to things in a certain way

We don’t have that patience anymore to think through things

We want immediate results, solutions and we end up disappointed when that doesn’t happen

Perhaps it could all shift if we just spent some time with ourselves,

Deeply focused for a few minutes, maybe even two minutes ( two minutes can be long at start!!),

Think about the day, how it went, why it went that way, how did we feel along the way,

What doesn’t feel right, what needs to change,

Can you think of it?

Can you be consciously aware of where you are, deeply focus on your thoughts,

Speak to yourself

Find out how you are feeling,

What you are thinking?

Maybe these few minutes every day can change your mind massively over a period of time?

Because it all starts with being aware of ourselves,

Listening to our thoughts and feelings;

And ultimately finding what is not serving us,

what needs to change,

what needs to stop.

Take some time out for yourself today šŸ’œ

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