Where do you spend most of your time

Life is going on every single day

Are we truly living, enjoying and taking in the goodness the day offers us is the true question

We have a routine life, routine beliefs and naturally the routine path

Most of the routine things happening around us, are based on our mind

We wake up having the same thoughts, doing the same things we do every day

Everything is in order right?

Or is it?

If we can just pause and think aloud our thoughts, beliefs, actions;

Can we change or improve them?

Certainly we can

Maybe being conscious of what we are thinking, can bring us to questioning ourselves?

Maybe we can try to do things differently and have different results for us?

Maybe the routine life we are having is this way because we always accepted and believed it will be this way?

Maybe we never consciously considered that we can change our thinking and change everything around us?

Because that’s where we spend most of our time; in our mind!

What do you think, have you ever really thought about what goes on in your mind? What you think about and how it forms your beliefs and actions?

It’s a scary feeling sometimes but definitely worth a thought, worth a try.

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