Limitations are about what You think You Can and Cannot do 

Or rather say are not capable to do

These thoughts can stem from some inherent beliefs:

Beliefs based on what you have seen in your family

What you have learned in school

What you think about yourself

What your friends and family think about you

While this is a good starting point in knowing who you have BEEN

It does not have to be BINDING, it should not prevent you from who you CAN BE

You don’t have to limit yourself just because:

You are perceived a certain way

You have done a set of things in life that define you

You can always expand your mental window:

The window that allows you to see bigger,

Do something new

Learn something new

Be a different person

Give yourself permission to break away from the limitations;

From the preconceived beliefs in your mind

You can Be More, Do More, Have More

You only need to let go of your limiting beliefs.

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