When Darkness consumes You

Some days are harder than the rest

Darkness is all around you

You can’t seem to walk away from it

The feeling goes away gradually, when you start breathing in the moment,

When you slowly let go of the weight you were holding on to,

But even in times when you can’t seem to wrap your head around what’s going on;

Try to feel a little better by trying the below:

1. Become aware of your thoughts- what are you dwelling on?

2. Picture yourself like a magnet and then see dark all around it,

Perhaps the magnet needs to brush off the blackness

And remain it’s true self,

The self which is only interested in seeing the beauty,

In seeing the goodness

Because that is the only way forward,

We are tempted to see the rear view often

But we really know it is past us,

We are moving ahead with time, even if we don’t realize it

That’s the way of life.

3. Try to gain back your control,

Always remember the power is with you, with your ability to stay strong and see past the darkness around you,

Because You can.

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