Your Gut Feeling

The small voice in your head

The instinct guiding your next step

The feeling of ‘sure’ or ‘ unsure’ telling you what you should do next

Do you feel being guided by your gut ?

I feel strongly about it

I feel we know even if we don’t know right away or don’t know how to put in words, what we want

Or where we want to be

We have a guiding thought and it tells us what to do in the moment

That’s all we NEED to follow

But too often we are caught up in the ‘logical’ and ‘practical’ aspects of thinking that we are not good enough

Or that we don’t know well enough

Or that now is not the time

From trying to find ‘perfect’ moments, I can say we will never know 100% , as things keep changing every day

It’s not possible to catch up with everything

What’s possible:

-Trusting your gut

-Letting go of trying to be ‘logical’ all the time

-Doing the one thing that makes sense in this moment without thinking about the next step

-Because the next step will find it’s way to you, connect to you when you need it

– Being content with little steps

Small steps lead to big changes, trust your gut.

It is telling you what you NEED.

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