What You don’t Learn will Repeat

One of the big lessons I learnt the hard way: stop waiting

For years I have been waiting for the ‘ right’ time

The ‘ perfect’ moment

The ‘ideal’ life

I kept waiting and lost good time in waiting

But nothing changed ‘magically’ how I was expecting it to change

Nothing moved because I was relying on some big miracles

Nothing of that sort happened

I learnt by losing some valuable time:

– Time is money

– Time is not waiting for me

– Time is not healing me

– Time is not going to bring the magic I am expecting

Instead time is only telling me one thing:

What I don’t learn will repeat

What I don’t understand will come back to me till I understand

No one is going to ‘ give’ me what I want

I have to :

– Trust myself

– Work for me

– Move things to see the change, the magic

I have to stop WISHING and start DOING

Because what I don’t learn will come back.

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