Accept what is Real

Your life today is real

Your responsibilities

Your commitments

Your story

Everything is real

No matter what we cannot change anything in the past

The only thing you can change is today, with mindful actions

Don’t feel resentment about your realities if you don’t get time for yourself today

Maybe this is what you need to work on

You don’t get time for yourself because it was never a priority

You never thought you could have a different life,

A happier life

This realization is now with feelings of deep regret


Let it go

As long as you are alive nothing is over

Every day is a fresh page

A new chance for you to build what you have been dreaming about

Drastic change might not be sustainable,


Accept your responsibilities

Your commitments

Find time in the moments you waste catching up with the world

You don’t need to catch up with the world every single day

You need to catch up with yourself;

With your need to express and do what makes you feel alive

It could be journaling

It could be taking a walk in nature without any mobile phone attached

It could be sleeping well tonight

It could be eating slowly and just spending time with your food

It can be all the little things you have been missing,


Not being mindful about

Because the phone is constantly connected

We are always watching or catching up something


Give Yourself that time today

Put down the phone and forget about it

Spend time with yourself

Maybe the tasks are too many

The difficulty level too high

That’s okay

You are strong and that’s why you are here

Stop thinking you need extra time,

You might never get extra time

Embrace your reality while keeping the focus on your dream

Only slowly you can reach your dream,

IF you actually work for it

If you only think about it every day without actually taking any action on it,

It might never change

Accept what is real and what isn’t – yet

And work hard every single day to make your dream your reality- one step a time

You absolutely can 🙏

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