Everything is a Reflection

Reflection of what you are thinking

Reflection of what you are allowing

Reflection of what you are consuming

You are in power

But sometimes it’s difficult to come out of your own mind;

Your own thoughts and emotions,

About a particular situation,

An event


An emotional trigger

It can be very difficult to think through anything

I try to:

-Become aware of my thoughts

-Know that they are there and going on in my mind

– Tell myself I am bigger than my thoughts

– look in the mirror and try to smile, because no matter what I have myself to deal with anything

– Look around me and count my blessings

In the end the biggest thought I let there be:

Everything is a Reflection

I have the power to take back my power at any point

It’s okay to be low;

To be out of your zone and your usual self

Let your self wander off

Your gut knows your way back

Have faith in You

Have trust in You

This is very hard and maybe no one knows

But You know

And You have been here before

In a different situation,

At a different time and made it through,

This time will pass too,

Stay strong and keep your mirror close.

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