How to not feel Swamped

Yes there are alot of resources available, but You are where you are right Now,

You have to be MET where you are right now,

– So take in the information you feel relevant (but don’t overthink about it)

– Think about your first step/ where do you want to start?

– Ask yourself a lot of questions

– You know the answers at the back of your mind

– Take time ( not forever) to decide your action based on your current gut feeling

– Act on it, make progress, move where you think necessary

– Revisit your thoughts again tomorrow

– repeat process

One thing you should know:

You will never know everything or be best in all given situations

You are learning, everything is a learning

Keep an open mind

Establish a balance

Move towards what feels right ( immediate action) while planning the next steps ( long term goals) towards your vision ( the ultimate life)

Hope this helps you start.

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