The Feeling of Void

You try to keep yourself fully occupied

Spending the free time indulged in comfort food

Mindless shopping

Late night movies



But the feeling of void remains


Perhaps you should find out

Perhaps you should look up the things you are curious about

The things that make you think

The things that seem too good to bring in your life

Maybe you have to spend more time doing what you feel connected to,

What you feel ‘fulfilled’ doing

For me it has been my writing about mindset and why everything in our life can be better and as per what we want- only if we fix how we SEE things.

No# 1 was accepting to myself that I cannot be and do not want to be limited to work based on my academic studies which was finance related

No#2 following my curious mind, finding more about writing, coaching, training, copywriting, freelance work and basically all the things that tell you – world is open, internet has all the options to support you, so take things one at a time

No#3 thinking more and more about what I want to do, how I can incorporate things in my busy and packed day

No#4 consciously making an effort to spend some time everyday learning about what I want to learn, do.

No#5 disciplining my day in anyway possible that allows me some quiet time- maybe even 15/20 minutes a day sometimes, where I write/ journal/put out my thoughts and think about the next steps I want to take

Repeated this process over and over again and slowly I don’t feel the void

I feel better, I feel connected

I feel alive.

What about you?

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