The Most Important Mental Barrier to Cross


wishing again


brushing it off

wishing again

seeing no progress still on what you want

thinking again

how can you get what you want?

maybe you can do something, thinking again..

writing something down- feeling good

getting busy with life..

still feeling good from the ways you thought about, wrote about

going about living with responsibilities and feeling drowning..

thinking again

writing again, writing more this time

feeling more strongly about it

making mental notes to research about stuff..

doing the research

feeling more strongly about what you are thinking..

giving it serious thought

sketching down some plans

thinking that the plans are too far fetched..

getting busy with life again

but coming back to think about your plans and think about the steps this time,

because the busy life is not making any progress to make you FEEL better

you need to feel better NOW

you feel a sense of urgency to do more, have more, be more

you continue to be in two boats mentally

but you know you need to find a balance

because you cannot drop your responsibilities

and you cannot go on without doing something for yourself

the concept you find:

-you need balance

-you need to start valuing your time.

You think more about this

you keep thinking about it, observing your days

knowing this is going to be hard

but you make up your mind anyway

you take out time for yourself everyday

you sketch something down every day

you realize the time will always be the same every day

you have to find time in the moments you get

these moments are crucial,

to bring you peace

you write, you action, you plan, you think ahead in these moments,

this is the biggest mental barrier you cross: knowing it is all about how You move, how you do, how you TAKE ACTION EVERYDAY

no matter how much time you spend thinking and observing and wishing,

nothing changes, nothing moves,

unless You do.

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