Nothing is Easy

Some days I do not want to do anything at all

I feel tired and drained because there is so much going on,

I take mini mental breaks,

trying not to be hard on myself

But as some time passes I feel the need to come back to my vision,

to work on the tasks I have set for myself,

I find myself wishing for things to magically reach where I want it to,

Immediately I think aloud,

I tell myself I did not come this far to just be here and get comfortable with life;

give-in to circumstances, and just accept things as they are.

The person in me who was forever in ‘waiting mode’ wakes up with these thoughts.

I will not give-in and I will not settle

My life is as good as my mind;

as good as the effort I put in, every single day.

The point here is:

There is no shortcut.

You have to decide what you want- take no action and stay the same

or take some action every day and slowly change your life.

Either way, nothing is easy.

Choose your hard.

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