You have to Grow your Appetite

The struggle is real

When you have a lot of things to deal with,

The time window to work on what you want for you is very small

You get all sorts of distractions in the free time you finally get

It is human to relax your mind,

Not worry every minute

Drift off for a while

It is perfectly fine to rest for sometime.

But do not get carried away.

Do not let the ‘analysis paralysis’ mode freeze your mind

and prevent you from taking action.

Because it is very easy to fall back to the familiar

Sometimes you have to fight every single day.

Every single day you have to try harder

You have to grow your appetite with patience and discipline

You have to know your vision is real,

your struggle to balance is real.

It was never meant to be easy I guess

We have to choose our hard, choose the pain of what really matters.

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